February 27, 2012

Love these!

Brand Consulting and Facilitation

Vintage has become well entrenched as a post recession trend. So how is it evolving, and what are some of the nuances?

We see vintage evolving, , with richer, warmer colours, and an aged gentility, titled “Old Gold”; and the second moodboard is a sub-trend of vintage which explores woolen tartans, seen across interior and fashion, titled “My favourite blanket”. For s/s look for these to lighten and freshen with primaries and more geometry aka Mondrian.

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May 31, 2011

Making Home Décor Beautifully Simple

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A new sofa, a new carpet, a new dining room table – the cost of these items today means each piece is a real investment. So don’t you want real peace of mind, when making a choice? Rather than rely on a shop assistant, who is just looking to make a sale, wouldn’t it be better to have an expert opinion, to give you real advice? So that after the novelty of your purchase wears off, you still love the look of your room.

At Jasmine and Daisy we offer inexpensive advice in making the right home decor choices for your lifestyle and taste. During our initial session, where we come to your home when it suits you, we will discuss the type of mood you would like to create. We will explore your likes and dislikes, activities and entertainment needs. We will review what you have, advise on budget as well as taste preferences, colours, textures and finishes.

We are based in Clapham Wandsworth, and service South West London predominantly.

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